What Is Audiotainment?

Audiotainment is where audio and the connected car converge. It’s a brand new concept that focuses on making the full spectrum of audio alternatives, such as AM/FM radio, HD Radio, satellite radio, Internet radio, radio aggregators, user-generated audio services, individual audio apps, playlist services, and personal audio libraries, available to the in-vehicle consumer as part of the connected infotainment revolution.

What Is a Connected Car?

Consumers now demand constant access to their connected lifestyles. Drive time is no exception, and car manufacturers have responded by building a host of new connectivity solutions into their vehicles. The FM/AM radio head unit has evolved into a sophisticated in-vehicle computing platform that can run apps either directly or through linking with consumers’ smartphones. As a result, today’s car buyer has access to an unprecedented number of audiotainment options — and more are being added all the time.

Who’s Coming?

We’re looking forward to sharing insights and ideas with a diverse collection of audiotainment insiders, including audio content providers (radio and streaming broadcasters and investors, app providers, playlist services, and many others), car manufacturers, advertisers and agencies, car dealers, and automotive suppliers. We’ll gather in the same hall to create relationships and strategies for future collaboration, to educate each other about the latest trends in each area, and to collaborate on consumer-driven strategies for the next generation of connected audiotainment.

Why Should I Attend?

If you are a…

Radio broadcaster:

Your largest advertising category is making major changes in the platform that delivers your content to listeners — the car radio. Since the car is also the number one location for listening, radio plays an important part in automotive advertising. Do you know exactly what that means to your business? Here’s your chance to find out!

It’s critical for station managers to understand what car dealers from around the country are learning about radio’s role in the dash going forward and what opportunities can be shared, where new forms of income will emerge from use of new in-dash technology, and what dealers need most. It’s also critical for radio companies and owners to understand the decisions being made today that will affect new car releases three years from now.

Automotive manufacturer or supplier:

Consumers are clamoring for connected infotainment — but you still have to make sure their user experience is a win. Here’s an opportunity to chat with folks from across the audiotainment spectrum — from advertisers to dealers to content providers — about how to make all the right decisions (and monetize them too!)

Streaming radio /audio provider:

You’ve been working hard to earn a spot on the connected dash, but it’s getting more competitive every day. Ever wish you had a chance to talk to folks from across the audiotainment ecosystem about what’s coming next and how to monetize it? Here’s your opportunity!

Audio services and audio apps:

Your users are committed to your service, and you want to keep them committed, which is why your presence on the dash is necessary. This conference will network you with the players you need in order to secure your position.

Auto dealer:

Today’s complex audiotainment systems affect everything from marketing and sales to customer support. How can your existing partners from across the audiotainment spectrum help out? Are you sure they understand what you need from them? Do you understand what they are offering so you can translate that to a sale? Do you want to deepen the connectivity with your local radio providers and seek advantageous relationships based on new solutions? Here’s your chance to have the conversation!

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