Radio & The Connected Car: A Survival Guide For Broadcasters
November 4-5


In October 2013, the first DASH Conference was held in Detroit, MI with a goal of bringing two storied industries — broadcast radio and automotive — together to discuss the changing space of in-dash entertainment and information.

By featuring leaders from OEMs that included Ford, General Motors and Toyota, as well as Tier Ones like Panasonic, Pioneer, and Visteon, along with key players from radio broadcast groups, DASH has succeeded in its initial mission. The challenges and opportunities of the “center stack” are issues of concern and conversation in board rooms and at virtually every broadcasting conference.

But there is more work to be done, and today, Jacobs Media and Radio Ink are announcing DASH 3.0: Radio & The Connected Car – A Survival Guide For Broadcasters. The event will be held on November 4-5, 2015, once again at the Westin Hotel at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport.

“We are extremely proud of the initial impact of DASH and that we’ve been first-in,” Jacobs Media President Fred Jacobs comments. “But the space is changing. DASH 3.0 will turn its attention to actionable steps that every radio broadcaster should be taking to solidify in-car listening as well as automotive revenue.”

DASH 3.0 will focus on creating enhanced relationships with car dealers and dealer groups, exploring how automotive advertising is changing, and focusing on broadcaster efforts to ensure AM/FM radio presence in today’s “connected cars.”

“Our goal is to grow radio’s share of automotive revenue and keep the radio front and center in the dashboard, Radio Ink Publisher Eric Rhoads remarks. “The slight shift in focus on this year’s conference will accomplish both and help stations leave with a programming and a sales strategy for automotive while keeping radio interacting with the big automotive brands, which has already had a significant impact.”

The conference will continue to showcase how the auto entertainment space is changing and where broadcast radio can continue to win, including the emergence of Apple CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto.

Paul Jacobs, Vice President/General Manager of Jacobs Media and jacapps notes, “DASH 3.0 is an event targeted squarely at all broadcasters, whether they are dealing with their automotive strategy, developing promotional partnerships with local dealers, or revenue generation. There will be application at DASH 3.0 for radio management in large, medium, and small markets.”

Topics that will be explored at DASH 3.0 include:

  • Radio’s changing approach to interfacing with car dealers, from advertising to promotions.
  • The dealer experience and how broadcasters can work with trainers to ensure radio’s continued prominence in dashboard training process.
  • The changing face of car dealer marketing as dollars shift to digital and how radio can enhance its revenue share.
  • Where automotive marketing is heading from the agency and auto CMO side of the street – and how radio can increase its impact and effectiveness.
  • How radio stations and groups can gain presence in “connected cars” – from Ford SYNC and Panasonic’s Aupeo! to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • A look at how broadcasters are changing the conversation with dealers and dealer groups.
  • How radio broadcasters can use information from Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey11 to better understand how consumers are using and enjoying “connected cars.”

“The automotive business isn’t standing still, and radio broadcasters can’t either,” remarks Fred Jacobs. “Dollars are shifting and in-car audio entertainment is fragmenting. Our goal at DASH 3.0 is address both issues, arming attendees with action plans they can put into place when they return to their stations.

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